Due to the health and safety issues regarding Covid-19, our
Main Street Santa Monica studio is open limited hours,
and we have suspended our in person tutoring and workshops.
Please visit pmajewelrystudio.com for the most current information
and our online tutoring and workshops .

Try out our new Wedding Band Designer

While our Main Street Santa Monica studio gallery is not currently open for in store shopping, we invite you to check out our new Wedding Band Design site. You will be able to virtually design a classic wedding band online, choosing from hundreds of options, and watching the band of your creation appear before your eyes! Experiment as much as you like, then submit your favorite combinations for a quote from our jewelry design team. Many styles can be delivered to you within days. Check it out!

Making Rings at Precious Metal Arts

Our customized tutoring sessions are a perfect path to making a ring (or rings) for yourself, your significant other, or both. It’s also a great way to make wedding rings. If your schedule permits, you could also choose a weekend class to introduce you to basic techniques before moving on to tutoring to complete your special design. Many of our couples have shared that sitting side by side crafting each other’s bands added even more meaning to the tradition of giving and receiving these symbols.

What kind of ring can I make?

We can teach you how to make wedding bands and rings in almost ANY finger size and ANY width and thickness. You can learn to make them in 10 kt, 14 kt, 18 kt, 22 kt, or platinum. You can also choose between yellow, white, and rose gold. The price will depend on the weight of the precious metal as well as the proportions of the ring that you make.

How does it work?

People most often learn to make their rings by carving them out of wax, which can then be weighed to estimate the gold needed and determine the price. The wax ring is cast using the lost wax casting method into any of the above metals. After being cast, the ring needs to be finished and polished. Carving wax allows you to engrave texture and have more dimensional freedom in your design. It also allows you to create a number of practice rings before committing to metal. Another advantage is that the final ring is solid gold and seamless after casting.

Alternatively, it is possible to guide you in fabricating your rings from metal. This is a more challenging process, but can be achieved by first creating a practice ring in sterling silver before moving on to creating your final band.

Most people require two to three group tutoring sessions to create the rings, and sometimes one more session for texturing, finishing, and polishing the final rings. It’s possible you could accomplish this faster if you have started with a weekend class. Small accent stones can be set into your rings or larger stones can be mounted on your design in a traditional prong or bezel setting.